Us vs Them

We have very few competitors and those that with a large customer base are mainly built on gaming engines which result in "gamey" looking unrealistic avatars.  

  • Would you like to feel what it's like to look like your ideal dream vision of yourself?

  • Which would you rather look like?  A game cartoon character or your dream self-image?

  • Improving the immersive feeling of actually "being there" all depends on how realistic your avatar and environment are.

Customize any way you'd love to look and Feel the Feelings of what it's like!



  • 20 years build and creation of revenue producing Metaverse Virtual Reality Worlds

  • So much more than just a land parcel

  • Parcels include buildings, landscaping, your choice of furnishings - thousands if free items to choose from

  • Fashion wardrobes for members

  • Activities

  • Recreation

  • Animations including mature rating



  • Empty parcels selling for outrageous prices

  • Cartoon avatars

  • No inventory assets

  • Need we say more?