Experience Matters


What you are about to experience is far from a game. Our 3D avatars are realistic and do not look like a silly game character jumping up and down running to their office.

​Behind every avatar is a person. This means you can share the virtual experience with other people as if they're in the same environment as you are.

  • Enjoy what you do in Real Life in our Virtual Worlds now!

  • Work in the same office

  • Attend an event together

  • Live virtually in the same residence

  • Meet new people at nightclubs

​Let your imagination go.. Most likely we can take you there virtually!

Been There...

Done That.......



White Label


Resale & Rentals

Your own Virtual World brand in your Company name!

Virtual World Solutions Mission is to provide companies and organizations with the virtual tools they require to grow and surpass their own Objectives and Goals!

Based on our extensive business experience, we think you'll receive a higher percentage of participant "buy-in" to provide leading-edge, innovative services to your target audience based on established trust in your brand.


Business AND IT Support 

We have the experience training thousands of client management and staff and also our own staff of over 1,000 employees over the span of 25+ years in Real Life as well as Virtual Life.

  • Regardless of computer experience, anyone can be trained to navigate in our virtual reality worlds as proven with over 500 employees all with disabilities including visually impaired.

  • The training is fun and entertaining.

  • Training options include live group "in-world" training, videos and PowerPoint instructions.


Building Your Dreams in Virtual Reality

Everyone has dreams of their ideal environment whether it be their home or work environment, and yes... even their own body image.

20 years building and creating innovative, appealing environments and merging business concepts to dramatically increase desired outcomes leaves the door wide open for your imagination to become a virtual reality.

Concepts unheard of or financially out of reach in real life now can be brought to life in virtual life!

Unlimited solutions to so many of life challenges are only a concept away.


Senior Level Business Consultants Join Forces with VR Environment Experts

Think about the implications of applying Senior Level Management Consulting to provide business solutions in virtual reality worlds that could not be implemented in real life scenarios.

  • Increase participation by innovative user participation programs

  • Improve results offering entertaining, educational and memorable experiences.

  • Continuously grow and implement solutions to challenges that normally would take an extended time-frame in real life or that could only be achieved in virtual life.