Our Work - Our Experience

Ever since Facebook announced their new name 'Meta", hundreds of virtual real estate and inventory NFT companies have suddenly appeared like the Metaverse is a brand new concept.


The Metaverse has been in existence for over 20 years.  We know this as we've been marketing our VR platform builds, providing telework, wellness and entertainment in our own VR worlds for the same amount of time.

We've proven our concept work as determined and acknowledged by The United Nations, the US Department of Labor Award, pilot programs including helping to stop Veteran PTSD suicide attempts and our clients.    

Be very careful when signing up with a competitor as we have not found one company with proven experience.  We also do not force you into paying exorbitant prices for a NFT with a few square meters of empty land with no inventory assets for outrageous fluctuating prices.  We offer reverse pricing and guarantee NFT ownership.  See details below.



Buy NFTs With USD!

Purchase your NFT with USD on PayPal.  We will then provide you with the corresponding registered NFT as your proof of sale.   Buying direct from us keeps prices from erratic Crypto daily fluctuation and a discount is included.  As you can clearly see, very small land parcels are selling for astronomical prices with usually nothing more than the promise of bare land.


Metaverse-Dating Event Regions

Hold your event in our Metaverse-Dating region either simultaneously in real life or alone in-world.  Offer the following activities (just to name a few):

  • Nightclub

  • Outdoor auditorium

  • Restaurant with meals

  • Fitness Center

  • Clubhouse

  • Swimming

  • Vehicles

Trop Island3.png
Trop Island2.png


Event Sponsor's Private Regions

Purchase or rent your own region (various sizes) and customize the look and activities you offer your guests!

  • Set up a store to sell your products and services.

  • Change the way your region looks easily!

  • Most likely anthing you can think of doing... can be done!


24/7 Membership Access

  • Monthly recurring membership gives you 24/7 access, thousands of free inventory assets and access to public lands. 

  • Buy or rent your own parcel, resell or sublease and make your own revenue stream.

  • Security orbs allow you yo keep your parcel completely private where no one can see what your avatar is doing for those private, intimate moments.