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Dating Night

Whether it;s our own Metaverse-Dating Night or a Sponsor's event, you are sure to find someone you'd like to get to know better and date in our Metaverse regions with so many entertainment options!


"Musical Regions"

Remember the musical chairs game?  We're offering "Musical Regions" as a repetitive event!  Every hour on the hour your avatar will be teleported to another region with new avatars you haven't seen yet.  Be sure to text those you're interested in so as not to lose that connection forever to the Metaverse!


Karaoke Night

Sing your heart away.  Live DJs play your favorite songs for tiy to sing to the audience.  Weekly prizes for Best Singer!


Event Sponsors

Can't make it it a real life event?  Join us in the Metaverse to attend sponsored events and meet that special someone that lives near you in real life.


Speed Dating

We'll help you meet each event participant by speed dating. You have a set time fto meet and text or speak privately to see if there's potential sparks!

speed dating1.PNG

Switch Partner Dancing

One rule - At the end of each song all dancers switch partners with the avatar dancing next to them.  Converse privately by text or audio.