Michael Abrash, Chief Scientist of Oculus Testimonial

Updated: Jan 18

What greater compliment could we have received for our skills and award accomplishment than from Oculus Chief Scientist, Michael Abrash? Michael kindly provided this testimonial after I won the United States Department of Labor national award for creating innovative telework technology for the special needs community and in acknowledgement of my life changing speaker/committee member presentation for the United Nations Global Technology committee.

"I think it's people like you working on top of the VR platform who are going to change the world, and I look forward to seeing what you do with the Rift."

​Michael Abrash

Oculus Chief Scientist

When you are fortunate to have found your passion in life, knowing almost 20 years ago that this will be the future for so many opportunities in the Metaverse, I have been able to combine my turnaround business management expertise and apply it to multiple virtual reality solutions to help improve people's lives.

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