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As the most comprehensive site for the adult gaming world, Metaverse-Towns is the only source you need to take your gaming to higher grounds. Explore our dynamic site to further embrace your love of the game.

Our Virtual Reality Worlds are built for your business and personal life challenges.  If you can imagine it, we can build it!  Whether it's Entertainment, Business Continuance, Wellness or just having fun without the restrictions of Social Distancing, we go the extra mile!  Join as a Community Member, Business or Group Interest (including your own Social Media VR Group!)


Don't be fooled by the small parcels recently for sale for insane sales prices!  Many competitors make you pay for virtual land that has not even been built or accessable!  Our Metaverse VR platforms have been fully functional for 20 years.  You pay for your NFT parcel and you'll receive access within 10 days after your avatar and final land touches have been completed.


 Free residential homes included as well as landscaping, "play toys", avatar customization and many other free inventory assets to grow your dreams as if there were no restrictions including financial!


Become a member through your business or organization!

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