Avatars & Assets

Realistic Avatars

We have very few competitors that offer the same services including free inventory assets.  Those that possess a large customer base are mainly built on gaming engines which result in "gamey"  looking avatars.  

  • Would you like to feel what it's like to look like your ideal dream vision of yourself?

  • Which would you rather look like?  See examples below.

  • Fact:  Improving the immersive feeling of actually "being there" all depends on how realistic your avatar and environment are.

Customize any way you'd love to look and Feel the Feelings!


Our Avatars

  • Face - Realistic

  • Body - Choose what makes you feel the best!

  • Hair - Hundreds of styles

  • Clothes - Amazing, beautiful - feel what it's like to wear expensive evening gowns and hundreds of free options!

  • Feel your avatar's movements you never dreamed could be possible!

  • Lip sync - talk to one, a group or an entire region!


"Others" Avatars

  • We know how important "realism" is for work or play in a virtual world.

  • You need to feel completely immersed and interactive to maximize the experience.

  • Our global recognition and national awards prove it.

  ... and let's not forget 25+ years business management consulting helping companies improve productivity and profits!



Map Phase 1 v2.png

Avatar Environments


  • You VR environment should feel real, not like you're in a cartoon gaming environment.

  • Office Parks

  • Residential Communities

  • Tropical 

  • Winter Wonderland

  • Shopping Malls

  •  ... If you can imagine it, we can most likely build it to further increase your avatar's "realism" experiences!!

Avatar Movements & Motions


  • We want you to be amazed at your avatar's movements!

  • Realistic

  • Fluid

  • Amazing Real Life Options

  • Makes you Feel the Feelings of your avatar's movements and actions!