At Metaverse-Towns, our goal is to provide the virtual reality community with our proven solutions for VR Entertainment, eCommerce, Business Telework, and Wellness parcels with informative, innovative content that not only enhances their VR objectives, but provides the support required for a successful virtual experience.

Why just buy a small parcel of virtual land that does not include the inventory assets such as your choice of buildings, retail shop interior fixtures, a beautiful landscaped surrounding complete with instructions on how to sell or operate your business in a decentralized or private parcel/region?

Our comprehensive virtual worlds have been created by business management experts for social, support as well as real life business, which means everything you see is fully tested and ready to be put into practice. We rely on help from our loyal community to make sure we offer the best help possible, so please get in touch with additional questions.


E X P E R I E N C E M A T T E R S!


What you are about to experience is far from a game.  Our 3D avatars are realistic and do not look like a silly game character jumping up and down running to an office.  

Behind every avatar is a person. This means you can share the virtual experience with other people as if they're in the same environment as you are.

  • Enjoy what you do in Real Life in our Virtual Worlds now!

  • Work in the same office

  • Attend an event together

  • Live virtually in the same residence

  • Meet new people at nightclubs

​Let your imagination go.. Most likely we can take you there virtually!